@javierjulio javierjulio Javier Julio


    forked from activeadmin/activeadmin

    The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications.

    Updated Aug 1, 2016


    Demos to replicate browser bugs used in bug reports.

    Updated Jun 13, 2013

    Clojure 1 0


    A collection of simple apps/scripts I've written to help me learn programming in Clojure and using Leiningen to build, compile and run these apps locally.

    Updated Aug 15, 2011

    ActionScript 0 0


    A demo application that is a simple contact manager I built to learn Flex 4 and to use for my PureMVC presentations.

    Updated Aug 3, 2011

    ActionScript 0 0


    A demo application built using Swiz. Testbed for learning to use presentation model and unit testing.

    Updated Aug 15, 2011

    Objective-C 0 129


    forked from ckteebe/CustomBadge

    CustomBadge is an Objective-C based component to create customized Badges for any given View.

    Updated Jan 11, 2014


    forked from heroku/databasedotcom

    Ruby client for the Database.com and Chatter APIs

    Updated Feb 8, 2012

    XSLT 6 2


    A Ruby parser for the GCIDE English word dictionary that generates friendly structured JSON files for easy mass database import. Includes other resources if you need more data for an English dictionary database.

    Updated Oct 24, 2014

    Ruby 7 1


    Collection of personal dotfiles (git, bash, ruby, etc.) for local development.

    Updated Jul 21, 2016

    Elixir 0 68


    forked from elixirkoans/elixir-koans

    Elixir learning exercises

    Updated May 17, 2016

    JavaScript 6 0


    Port of Ember.js TodoMVC using ember-cli

    Updated Apr 29, 2014

    Ruby 0 0


    My solutions for http://exercism.io projects.

    Updated Sep 7, 2013


    A jQuery plugin that retrieves subsequent content using AJAX rather than having the content inline.

    Updated Feb 27, 2014


    A simple app that takes a list of places from each of your Foursquare friends and displays them in a Google Map.

    Updated Oct 22, 2011

    JavaScript 0 1,103


    forked from malsup/form

    jQuery Form Plugin

    Updated Nov 19, 2012


    forked from zurb/foundation-sites

    The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. Quickly create prototypes and production code for sites and apps that work on any kind of device.

    Updated Jul 25, 2014

    Objective-C 1 1


    These are the projects I completed for the NYC iPhone Bootcamp in June 2010. I learned to develop for iPhone and iPad. An additional project called NotesTest is something I started on my own to build a note manager app.

    Updated May 9, 2012

    HTML 0 0


    Testing my site conversion to Jekyll/github pages

    Updated Feb 3, 2016

    ActionScript 0 0


    [DEPRECATED] Collection of custom Flex 3 components. This is a deprecated library and is no longer being worked on. You must build this against a Flex 3.x SDK. Have tried with Flex 4 but since these are custom visual components with Halo styles I've encountered to many problems maintain.

    Updated Mar 13, 2010

    ActionScript 0 0


    A collection of mx namespaced Flex utilities and validators. These classes are in a separate lib as they can be compiled against older versions of Flex (2-3). Some of these packages will be replaced in spark such as validators that are being updated in the Flex 4.5 (Hero) release so you'll be able to find new versions in jjsparklib soon. To down…

    Updated Jan 24, 2011

    ActionScript 1 0


    A collection of skinnable Flex 4 (Spark) components. To download the compiled SWC, you can find it in the "bin" folder. Just click the SWC link and then click "View Raw" which will download it.

    Updated Oct 21, 2010

    JavaScript 0 485


    forked from rails/jquery-ujs

    Ruby on Rails unobtrusive scripting adapter for jQuery

    Updated Nov 19, 2012

    Shell 3 2


    A shell script for installing all tools for my development environment (and general laptop use).

    Updated Feb 23, 2016


    Completing all the exercises in the online book Learning Ruby The Hard Way.

    Updated Aug 9, 2011


    forked from lokesh/lightbox2

    Complete rewrite to modernize and improve this jQuery plugin all around.

    Updated Feb 27, 2014

    Ruby 0 0


    Code from following Brandon Hilkert's how to build a Ruby gem series.

    Updated Mar 23, 2014


    forked from newrelic/newrelic-ruby-kata

    Updated Mar 28, 2014

    CoffeeScript 2 0


    An example Node app written in CoffeeScript using Express, Jade and Stylus to learn Node.

    Updated May 5, 2012

    JavaScript 2 0


    A sample To-Dos application to learn how to use Backbone.js and CoffeeScript.

    Updated Oct 26, 2011