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SBLIM CIM Client library (Java library)

This is an example about how to produce a CIM client using 
the SBLIM Common Information Model (CIM) Client library 
(the Java library from SBLIM/IBM project). 
With CIM, most client-side applications serve as the CIM clients. 
They use standard CIM XML-over-HTTP protocol for communication with 
the CIM server. It's inconvenient to encode and decode CIM-XML 
statements directly. The SBLIM CIM Client gives you standard 
APIs that can facilitate CIM client development.

The SBLIM CIM Client is a Java implementation of a WBEM services client.
This library is conform "JSR 48: WBEM Services Specification" [1].
The SBLIM CIM Client for Java is an implementation of a WBEM services 
client that includes an IETF RFC 2614 [2] compliant SLP client for CIM service

The documentation says the current 1.x release stream of the SBLIM CIM Client 
implements a proprietary API. The effort to standardize the WBEM Java binding 
with the Java Standardization Request (JSR) 48 is now complete and the JSR48 
compliant implementation is available in the current 2.x release stream of the
 SBLIM CIM Client for Java. 

This test was made using Fedora 17. There are two packages with this Java 


We are using the second one, because of is based on the 2.x API. In particular,
the whole set of libraries are contained in the JAR file:


So we just need include this library in the class path in order to build or run
the Java CIM based applications.

The exmaple code 

This CIM client is using the 


SBLIM CIM Client for Java - 2.1.12 - Public API Specification [3]
SBLIM CIM Client for Java - 2.2.0 - Public API Specification [4]


This folder uses a experimental CMakeLists.txt file:

$ mkdir build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ java -classpath .:/usr/share/^Cva/sblim-cim-client2.jar:JavaClient.jar \

We can build the example manually too:

$ cd src
$ javac -deprecation -classpath .:/usr/share/java/sblim-cim-client2.jar \
$ touch manifest
$ jar cfm JavaClient.jar manifest JavaClient.class
$ java -classpath .:/usr/share/java/sblim-cim-client2.jar:JavaClient.jar \

[1] http://www.jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=48
[2] http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2614
[3] http://sblim.sourceforge.net/cim-client2-v2-doc/
[4] http://sblim.sourceforge.net/cim-client2-v22-doc/