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javascript error tracking server

This is a small webapp to track the errors thrown in your javascript apps


  • First edit file and change SITE_CODE var to one you like. Keep it secret.

  • First deploy this djando app in your server. You can do it in heroku (see heroku setup)

  • add the next tracking code in your aplication:
    (function() {
        var SERVER = '';
        var s = document.createElement('script');
        s.src = SERVER + '/js/error_track.js?s=' + encodeURI(SERVER);
  • point your browser to http://youserver/SITE_CODE. SITE_CODE is the variable you set in the first step.

heroku setup

  • install heroku gem

    $ gem install heroku

  • create the app:

    $ heroku create --stack cedar

  • push

    $ git push heroku master

  • create database

    $ heroku run python app/ syncdb

don't forget to change variable SERVER in the tracker snippet to the url that heroku provides you

that's all, enjoy