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GenderSwap is a browser extension which replaces words referring to men with their female equivalent, and vice versa.

Simply substituting one gender for another changes many situations in news posts and articles to non-issues or irrelevant scenarios, showing how odd and gender biased the original story actually was.

"Don't start looking for a wife in your 30s. If you do, you go up against men 10 years younger, and that is a terrible competitive disadvantage in this marketplace," he said. "You can have a career and a wife and kids, as long as you start early and plan accordingly."

Source: Kerima Greene, CNBC, 2014

genderSwap helps to view these situations we are used to from a different angle.

##Downloads Use the following link to download the browser extension:

##About This plugin is an updated version of a browser extension I made while attending the Piet Zwart Institute. More of my work can be found on my website:

##Attribution The code in this version of the browser extension is based on the Cloud-to-Butt plugin by Steven Frank, available here.

The Safari, Firefox and Opera versions are based on the Cloud-to-Butt ports by Logan Collins (Safari version) and Chris Wright (Firefox version / Opera version).

Note about Safari version

It seems Apple tries to make it hard for non OS X developers to build extensions for Safari, so I didn't bother. Feel free to compile the code found in the Safari folder of this repository into a working extension (please, send me a pull request if you do!).

###Function This browser extension replaces certain keywords in the source of websites you visit. While this replacement is far from perfect, it works quite well most of the time.

To be able to perform its search-and-replace magic the browser extension needs access to the pages you visit: this is only for the replacement. No data whatsoever is recorded or transmitted in any way.


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