Compares Nextbike and OSM data.
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#NextbikeOSM Demo

This application parses data about bicycle rentals in nextbike public bike-sharing systems like (for more data see wikipedia) from their website and compares with data from OpenStreetMap.

##How to run this? ###Dependencies

###Guide You need to have python 3 installed.

  1. Download all files from this project.
  2. Download osm data for your area from for example overpass-turbo. Here is suitable link; you must only go into your location and click export->download raw data
  3. Run the (see help below)
  4. Open html with data 🍭

##Technical details This script tries to match stations by ref, when impossible looks for closest node using Haversine formula. Note that sometimes the closest node is not correct node! Then checks tags and compares strings in name tag using GESTALT.C (Ratcliff/Obershelp Pattern Recognition Algorithm) built-in python difflib module. And of make html from it :)

##Help Open in command line using:

usage: [-h] [-a NETWORK OSM_PATH HTML_PATH] [-i] [-u] [-f]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        NETWORK is uid or name to be found in
  -i, --interactive     runs interactive guide
  -u, --update          updates manually nextbike .xml file and .set file wit
  -f, --feed            runs feed creation (only with -a!)

Atom feed creation uses sqlite database to store history data about given region. It makes sense to run it, when you run it periodically and saves files under the same names.
If you need more help, ask me (email or whatever 😄)!


  • Processes data for network VETURILO Poland, takes osm data from export.osm and saves html to my.html
python -a "VETURILO Poland" export.osm my.html
  • Processes data for city Hamburg(uids for cities you can find in nextbike_uids.txt in your directory after first program run), takes osm data from export.osm and saves html to my.html
python -a 43 export.osm my.html
  • Updates data from nextbike server. This data are downloaded by first run automatically, but if you want to keep it updated, this it for you.
python -u

##More Note that this application is suitable for quality assurance only. You should make changes in osm base very carefully and I don't take any responsibility!
If you want to help me and add something to code or see any bug just call an issue or make pull request!

Copyright (c) 2015 javnik36