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JavocSoft PHP Commons Library


This library is a compendium of utility routines and classes that can save you time when coding in PHP.


To use the library, follow these steps:

1.- Get the library code by using Composer utility. First, create "composer.json" file adding to it these lines:

    "require": {
        "javocsoft/jvcphpclib": "1.0.*"        

2.- Second, download Composer utility:

    //In Unix/Linux
    curl -sS | php   
    //In Windows system
    Download and install comporser:

More about Composer:

See Installation notes:
See getting started:
See Documentation

3.- Now, download the library by running composer where we created the file "composer.json".

4.- Configure the library parameters according to your project by setting these parameters:

    define ("INIT_APPNAME","your_app_name");
    define ("INIT_BASEDIR_PATH","your_app_folder\\");
    define ("INIT_LOGS_PATH",INIT_BASEDIR_PATH . "your_log_folder\\");
    define ("INIT_OPENSSL_PATH","your_openssl_folder");
    define ("INIT_ERRORS_ENV_MODE","DEV"); //Or PROD

5.- Add library classes to your project. To achieve this, add the composer "autoload.php" to your code by including it:

    require 'vendor/autoload.php';

6.- Initialize the library: