Tiny go app to generate salts for use in wp-config.php and .env files
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Genearting salts for WordPress with go

To deploy

  1. clone repo
  2. install packages with govendor install +local
  3. run it with go run salt.go or compile with go build salt.go and run with ./salt

Once it's running

/ gets you standard snippet that you can drop into your wp-config.php file

/env gets you format that you can drop into your .env file

/json gets you the salts with key-value in JSON format


We're only using the optimised fastest / safest versions of the function calls.

go test -benchmem -bench=.

As of 24th March 2018

$ go test -benchmem -bench=.
goos: darwin
goarch: amd64
pkg: heroku-dotenv
BenchmarkRandStringBytesMaskImpr8x64-4    300000     5199 ns/op   1024 B/op     16 allocs/op
BenchmarkRandStringBytesMaskImpr512-4     300000     4687 ns/op   1024 B/op      2 allocs/op
BenchmarkGenerateSaltsWP512-4             200000     8511 ns/op   4193 B/op     52 allocs/op
BenchmarkGenerateSaltsEnv512-4            200000     6769 ns/op   3249 B/op     28 allocs/op
BenchmarkGenerateSaltsJSON512-4           200000     5150 ns/op   1360 B/op      4 allocs/op
BenchmarkSrcInt63Parallel-4               200000    11216 ns/op   1024 B/op      2 allocs/op
ok      heroku-dotenv    9.803s


  1. run app
  2. siege one of the endpoints continuously (siege -c 250 -t2m -v http://localhost:8090 works nicely)
  3. while siege is running, in another terminal, start the profile: go tool pprof http://localhost:8090
  4. enjoy your data! See https://blog.golang.org/profiling-go-programs for more info on profiling
  5. 48.9% syscall ;)

Thank you!