Sort on multiple values #193

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What's the best approach to sort on multiple values? I tried simply like this:
articleList.sort('title', { asc: true })
articleList.sort('category', { asc: true })

It behaves as it should in Safari and Firefox but in Chrome it doesn't..


List.js does not support sorting on multiple values at this time. I'm sorry. I may add this feature in the future, but not right now.

If your example works in some browsers it's just luck :)

However, in the latest version (1.1.0) I've added support for making your own sort function. Feel free to try something cool with that :) Ref:

@javve javve closed this Feb 3, 2014

I really would have great use of a custom sort function. Unfortunatly i don't understand these function templates. It would be soo nice to see a small example of an implementation. Just to get my head around this. Plz?

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