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I am using list.js for sorting tables on a website. I've got multiple tables on one page, and it seems that list.js has some issues when dealing with multiple tables at the same time.

Only the last table works as it should. When I try to sort on another tables, it removes the "asc"/"desc" class from the last table, and not the correct table. But the new sort class (asc/desc) is correctly added to the right table.

It seems that sortButtons (line 1065 in require.register("list.js/src/sort.js", func...) is kind of "global", as all instances of List ends up with the same sortButtons content.


javve commented Feb 3, 2014

This should be fixed by now in version 1.1.0, please download it and try. As you noticed the sortButtons was global. 😅

javve closed this Feb 3, 2014

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