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Paging with large amount of classes #51

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Hello, first of all i want to thank you for your script.

I have some sort of problem with it, and i hope you can help me.

I created list with more than 10 classes and 1000+ objects with paging, so i can easily navigate through objects. But sadly, paging stop working after second class of objects with amount more than objects on page.

Example: 100 objects within 4 'class'. 25 objects each. 10 objects on page. After filtering for 'class' we have 3 pages with first 25 elements and working paging. But after filtering for second class we have 3 pages with 25 next objects but navigating on pages 2-3 doesn't work. Same thing happening for all other classes.

100 objects in a row, first 25 objects - first class, second 25 objects - second class etc.

I am terrible sorry for my language, and i hope that you will help me


I don't understand what you are saying exactly, however I will try to recreate this issue.
If you can show a demo with or similar that would be awesome.


Let me try to explain again. If shortly - paging works from first list item, not first filtered list item.

I create app, that transform .doc dictionaries to jslist list. It looks great, needs only one gtml page, and fast. Sadly, i dont know JS.

The problem is, when i sort by some letter, script hides all items before items with this letter, and show it, but paging still see all items before it, and when i try to move on second page, it(as i understand) search it on second page of items(which is hided becouse of filter). So i need to make paging start on first filtered, not on first in list, and i have no idea where to start, and, what is more omportant, i dont sure about my theory.

Here is fiddle, i hope i made it right


I see! The filtering does not apply to the second list, made by the paging plugin. Let me see if I can rewrite it so it works.


You can't even imagine, how happy i will be!


Are there any updates on this bug?

I have the same problem where filters and paging don't work right together. In some cases it does and it others it doesn't.

Thank you.


I'm dealing with a very similar, if not the exact same problem. I am trying to filter with an alpha list, one letter per category in English, so I have 26 classes. When I filter the list for any letter the filter function works perfectly, but the pagination does not link with the newly created filter list. It does, however, work with "A" and has semi-functional return for "B" but any letter after that and the pagination won't work.

Is there any update on a bug fix for this? I've been poking at it for a bit but I'm stumped.

GREAT script and plugins, though. Absolutely love it. Keep up the great work guys!


I'm having the same issue too. You can see it live here:

Any news on this fix? Currently I can't even use the paging function because of this bug, I am only sorting by 6 classes too.

@javve javve referenced this issue from a commit
@javve Bugfix for issue #51 93b8da4

Puh, I think I finally have solved this issue. Simple solution but yet pretty hard to find.
Please updated your code @ajrdesign @scottij1 @Andaleeb @Fund64 and see it my solution works.

If no response I'll close this issue in a week :)


Thank you so much! That seemed to fix the issue. Good job!

@javve javve closed this
@javve javve referenced this issue from a commit
@javve Bugfix for issue #51 725f999
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Pagination Fix #18

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