PNG Textures - The super smooth way to create and share hip textures.
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Gemfile.lock - The super smooth way to create and share hip textures. This Github project is here so that you can add you own default textures.

If you have any questions, make a issue report or ping me at Twitter by the name @javve.

Btw, why don't you checkout my website or some of my projects List.js,, & Hash.js

How to add a texture

  1. Fork this project

  2. Put the .png file in /textures and preferably the .psd (if its available) in /textures/psd

  3. Add the texture to the <ul id="textures"> at line ~80 in index.html. See syntax here:

         data-name="Texture name" 
         data-author-name="Your Name" 
         <img src="textures/linen.png" />

Note that only data-name is required.

  1. Commit and make pull request.


  1. Black is king: Textures may only consist of black color in with optional alpha transparency. This is for making the textures as flexible as possible.
  2. High contrast. Remember that the site have opacity control with means that the users themselves have the power to choose how strong they want your texture to be.
  3. Copyright?. By adding textures you allow anyone to use, modify or sell you work, commercially or personally. And rememeber: Only post textures created by yourself or ones that you have solid premission to post.

License and copyright

All textures are completely free to use, modify or sell.

The site however are you not allowed to just fork and publish unmodified somewhere else. But feel free to browse the source and find inspiration to make own awesome projects.