A very simple blog, in coffeescript/express/node.js; following Ciaran Jessup's excellent tutorial
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Coffee Blog

This is a simple demo app, written in coffeescript with express/node.js and mongodb. I’ve been following along with Ciaran Jessup’s excellent tutorial, but working in coffeescript whenever practical.

Getting started

You’ll need to install:

Then install using kiwi:

  • express 0.9.0
  • haml 0.3.0
  • mongodb-native 0.7.1

Then run:

$ coffee app.coffee

And visit localhost:3000 in your browser.

What works right now

  • View all posts
  • Show a post, including comments
  • Add comments to a post
  • Cappuccino-based “admin” area – it’s a clone of the blog app from CappuccinoCasts with very little modification needed to run on top of Express (instead of Rails)