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Smile To Unlock

Want to give away free content on your site? How about asking for a smile in return 😁



You can also see it working on plunker here:

What is it?

Smile To Unlock is a Web Component built using the StencilJS compiler, so is framework agnostic, can be used in an Angular, Vue, React or even in a vanilla web application.

Smile To Unlock captures an image from the users camera and uses the Azure Cognitive Services Emotive API to figure out how happy the person is.

  • NOTE: On the FREE tier you get 30,000 API requests a month.

Getting Started

  1. Include smiletounlock.js in your HTML file
  • via a script tag (quickest)
<script src=""></script>
  • or via a node module
npm install smile-to-unlock --save

Then add a script tag to your HTML like so:

 <script src='node_modules/smile-to-unlock/dist/smiletounlock.js></script>
  1. Grab an API Key from Azure
  • NOTE: On the FREE tier you get 30,000 API requests a month.
  1. Add this tag to your HTML
<smile-to-unlock api-key="<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>"></smile-to-unlock>
  1. Add this code to trigger the component
var locker = document.querySelector('smile-to-unlock');

This opens the component full screen and starts asking the user to smile.

  1. Add this code to check to see if the user has smiled
locker.addEventListener("userSmiled", function (ev) {
    // --> Add the code to show the free content here <--
    locker.end(); // End the locker so the camera is shutdown

Using the helper hider

As a shortcut if you just have a video or part of the page you want to hide from the user unless they smile you can use the helper <smile-to-unlock-hider></smile-to-unlock-hider> component.

  1. Place the hider inside the component you want to hide.

NOTE: The element you want to hide should have the style position: relative;

<div class="this-is-what-want-to-hide" style="position: relative;">
    <!-- This will add a black overlay to any content with some text and a button to start the smiling process -->

    <!-- This is the actual unlocker component  -->
    <smile-to-unlock api-key="<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>"></smile-to-unlock>
  1. Then make sure to add this code at the end of your html file somewhere:
  • This code shows the hider overlay over the content you want to hide (so the user can't see it or click on any buttons if it's a video).
(function() {
    var hider = document.querySelector('smile-to-unlock-hider');
    var locker = document.querySelector('smile-to-unlock');

    // This event is called when the user has clicked Smile To Unlock
    hider.addEventListener("readyToSmile", function (ev) {
    // Starts the locker full screen

    // This event is sent when the user has smiled
    locker.addEventListener("userSmiled", function (ev) {

        // Hide the hider so we show the content

        // End the locker so the camera is shutdown

Working on Smile To Unlock

To setup run:

npm install
npm start

To view the build, start an HTTP server inside of the /www directory.

To watch for file changes during develop, run:

npm run dev

To build the app for production, run:

npm run build