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AlienFeed is a command line application made for displaying and interacting with Reddit submissions. The client can return a list containing the top submissions in a subreddit, and even open the links up if you'd like. I do not have any affiliation with Reddit; I made this to be a fun utilization of the Reddit API.


Current version: 0.3.2


Install Instructions

To download and install AlienFeed, all you need to do is get a copy of this distribution with or install via pypi

Install via PIP

$ pip install alienfeed

###Install via Download this zip or clone it to your local machine. Then run the following commands to install AlienFeed.

$ cd /path/to/alienfeed
$ python install


There are several different functions that are built into AlienFeed. See $ alienfeed -h for help.

Here you can return a default list of the 10 top r/pics submissions.

$ alienfeed pics

The output should look similar to the picture below.

Alt text

You can also limit the amount of submissions returned by using the '-l or --limit' arguments. If you want a feed that returns a longer list than 10, then you would use this argument.

$ alienfeed pics -l 2

The output is below

Alt text

If you want to return a list of submissons longer than 10, then you would run the command below.

$ alienfeed pics -l 20

Alt text

If you want to open up a link, use the '-o or --open' arguments. An example is below.

$ alienfeed pics -o 3

hint: If you want to open a link larger than ten, you must use the limit argument, which is -l and --limit

Below is the link that popped up when I ran the previous command. (enjoy the cute dog)

Alt text

If you want to open a link that is the 11th most popular. You would have to run the command below. Note that the command is comprised of two different optional arguments, one -o and one -l.

$ alienfeed funny -o 11 -l 11

The random function opens up a random link from the requested subreddit in a new browser tab (similar to the --open argument). Use the optional argument '-r or --random'. Example using the r/wtf subreddit. This command would of course open up the link in a new browser tab.

$ alienfeed wtf -r

To open a range of submissions, you need to specify the -or (--openrange) argument, followed by a range in the form x..y. Every submission will open in a new browser tab. Similar to the --open argument, in order to open a range greater than 10, the --limit has to be specified.

$ alienfeed supershibe -or 1..5

In order to display the self-text of a post, the -s (or --self) argument has to be specified. It does not take any value, however. It works with any of the --open, --random or --openrange arguments, as well as for the default printing of the list.

$ alienfeed jokes -or 1..2 -s

To upgrade alienfeed via pip, you would need to call this argument, '-U'

$ alienfeed funny -U


If you would like to contact me for further information on the project, see the info below.


Github: jawerty

Twitter: @jawerty