Node.js wrapper for the DuckDuckGo Instant Answers API.
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Node.js wrapper for DuckDuckGo's Instant Answers API.


$ npm install ddg

It's that simple.


ddg = require('ddg');

ddg.query("duckduckgo", function(err, data){
	console.log(data) // logs a dictionary with all return fields

See the instant answers API docs for more information on the return fields

Custom options

ddg = require('ddg');

options = {
		"useragent": "My duckduckgo app",
		"no_redirects": "1",
		"no_html": "0",

ddg.query('duckduckgo', options, function(err, data){

List of all options

  • useragent
  • format (json or xml)
  • pretty (default: 1)
  • no_html (default: 0)
  • skip_disambig (default: 0)
  • no_redirects (default: 1)

Getting query AbstractText

Here I'm making a query for 'bioshock' and loging the AbstractText taken from Wikipedia.

ddg = require('ddg');

ddg.query('bioshock', options, function(err, data){


BioShock is a first-person shooter video game developed by Irrational Games (at the time, named 2K Boston), and published by 2K Games.

Generating information from results (url,text)

With Instant Answers API + node-ddg it becomes quite simple to get duckduckgo data.

ddg = require('ddg')

ddg.query('bioshock', function(err, data){
	results = data.RelatedTopics; //related topics is a list of 'related answers'
	for (i=0;i<results.length;i++) {
		console.log('-- '+results[i].Text)

-- BioShock (series) - BioShock is a first-person shooter video game series 
developed by Irrational Games—the first under the name 2K Boston/2K Australia—and 
designed by Ken Levine.
-- Video games set in the 1960s
-- Art Deco games
-- Video games using Havok
-- Alternate history video games
-- Dystopian fiction
-- Video games developed in Australia
-- Games for Windows certified games
-- Unreal Engine games
-- Video games developed in Canada

Now you can get and manipulate data from the API in a clean and asynchronous fashion.

Access fields directly

If you want to get one specific field and nothing else, you can use the field you want as a method and run it as seen below.

ddg = require('ddg');

ddg.Definition('lion', function(err, data){


 lion definition: a large heavily built social cat ('''Panthera leo''') of open or
 rocky areas chiefly of sub-Saharan Africa though once widely distributed 
 throughout Africa and southern Asia that has a tawny body with a tufted tail and
  a shaggy blackish or dark brown mane in the male.

Here's a list of all Instant Answer API root fields (supported)

  • Abstract
  • AbstractText
  • AbstractSource
  • AbstractURL
  • Image
  • Heading
  • Answer
  • AnswerType
  • Definition (used in example above)
  • DefinitionSource
  • DefinitionURL
  • RelatedTopics
  • Results
  • Type
  • Redirect


Github - jawerty

Twitter - @jawerty

Email -

Website -



This project has no offiliation with the company DuckDuckGo.