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Python Markdown extension that converts inline dot graph definitions to images
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What is it

A Python Markdown extension that replaces inline dot graph defintions with an image tag pointing to the generated graph image.

Please note that I developed this specifically for my Perlican based blog and hence output directories and other stuff is hard coded.


Checkout and easy_install or pip install it:

$ git clone git://
$ cd markdown-dot
$ easy_install .


Activate the dot extension and place the graph defintions in your markup like so:

{% dot output.png
	digraph G {
		S0 -> A [label="-"]
		A -> B [label="-"]
		A -> C [label=">"]

		A [peripheries=2]
		B [peripheries=2]
		C [peripheries=2]

The block above will then be replaced with an img tag pointing to the generated png file.

If the file name starts with a !, the image will still be generated but no img tag will be included in the result.


Please consider using Github issues tracker to submit bug reports or feature requests.


MIT License

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