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X-AVR is an XCode template for generating AVR C projects.

Now the meta version: X-AVR is a python script which uses the installed avr-gcc and avrdude to generate and install an XCode TemplateInfo.plist file. This template can be used to create AVR C XCode projects with a Makefile to build and upload the program to an AVR chip.

Notice: This template does not generate projects in the arduino language. The generated project uses the C language and the avr-libc library.

For example, activating pin 13 on an arduino looks like this:

DDRB |= _BV(PB5)

and not:

pinMode(13, OUTPUT)
digitalWrite(13, HIGH)


There are literally dozens of articles and blog posts showing a very basic setup to use XCode for AVR C programming: a C project with an external build system based on a Makefile.

The problem is that with such a basic setup you might as well use a simple text editor instead of XCode. Indeed, you don't get much besides a rudimentary syntax coloring (no autocomplete for example).

To fix this, the X-AVR project template setus up a fake build target (called index) which uses clang to enable XCode to parse and index your project code. X-AVR also cnfigures the following variables for your build:

  • HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS: So that XCode can index the avr-libc headers and include their definitions (port and register names, functions, etc.) in the autocomplete suggestions
  • GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS: The selected MCU macro is set (e.g. __AVR_ATmega328__) to get accurate autocomplete over the port and register names. F_CPU macro is also set (otherwise the indexing would encouter errors)

Also, X-AVR, and unlike many other Makefiles and templates, automatically picks up all the .c and .h files in your project.


Clone this repository or download the source zip somewhere in your mac and run python to generate and install the XCode project template.

The previous step need only be run once (or whenever you install a new avr-gcc version).

Once the template is installed, you should see an xavr entry in the new project wizard in XCode.

The wizard page lets you select the target MCU, its frequency and the programmer to be used to upload the program.

After the wizard is done, hit Cmd+B to build the project.

The project is created with the following targets:

  • All: performs a clean build and uploads the generated hex to the target MCU
  • Build: performs a clean build
  • Upload: uploads the generated hex to the target MCU
  • Clean: deletes the build artifcats
  • Index: a trick target to get XCode autocompletion to work. You're not supposed to interact with this target

Also check Using XCode for AVR C developement for more detailed instructions and screenshots.


  • avr-gcc must be installed and in the PATH variable (detectable via a which avr-gcc)
  • avrdude must be installed and in the PATH variable (detectable via a which avrdude)

Simply install AVR Crosspack to satisfy these prequisites.

Another option is to use homebrew:

brew install avrdude
brew tap larsimmisch/avr
brew install avr-libc



The template icon was created using GIMP and includes a mictochip icon designed by Lutz Schubert from the Noun Project and published under the Creative Commons – Attribution (CC BY 3.0) license.


The template's Makefile is based on the one written by Eric B. Weddington, Jörg Wunsch, et al.


This template was inspired by the embedXcode XCode template.


See LICENSE for details (hint: it's MIT).