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Prepare release 0.9.5, final check.

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commit 378b0ee6016b95f4ef0d5a9e91d7a3bc7d9ce9d8 1 parent d76ce7e
@jawi authored
5 ols.distribution/src/main/resources/CHANGELOG
@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@ OpenBench LogicSniffer Client ChangeLog
J.W. Janssen, <>
+Release 0.9.5:
+- Fixed cancel capture issue.
Release 0.9.5 (beta 2):
- Fixed issues #81 and #82;
- Ensured that the selected capture device is retained between user sessions;
@@ -27,4 +30,4 @@ Older releases:
6 ols.distribution/src/site/main/index.html
@@ -202,9 +202,9 @@ <h3 class="content">Download</h3>
<li>ols-0.9.2 [<a href="ols-0.9.2.tar.gz">tar.gz</a>] [<a href="">zip</a>] [<a href="ols-0.9.2.dmg">dmg</a>] <span>released <em>December 19th, 2010</em>, 2.3M;</span></li>
<li>ols-0.9.1 [<a href="ols-0.9.1.tar.gz">tar.gz</a>] [<a href="">zip</a>] [<a href="ols-0.9.1.dmg">dmg</a>] <span>released <em>November 1st, 2010</em>, 2.2M;</span></li>
<li>ols-0.9.0 [<a href="ols-0.9.0.tar.gz">tar.gz</a>] [<a href="">zip</a>] [<a href="ols-0.9.0.dmg">dmg</a>] <span>released <em>October 23rd, 2010</em>, 2.2M;</span></li>
- <li>ols-0.8.5 [<a href="ols-0.8.5.tar.gz">tar.gz</a>] <span>released <em>October 1st, 2010</em>, 2.1M;</span></li>
- <li>ols-0.8.4 [<a href="ols-0.8.4.tar.gz">tar.gz</a>] <span>released <em>September 9th 2010</em>, 1.5M;</span></li>
- <li>ols-0.8.3 [<a href="ols-0.8.3.tar.gz">tar.gz</a>] <span>released <em>August 26th 2010</em>, 1.5M;</span></li>
+ <li>ols-0.8.5 [<a href="">tar.gz</a>] <span>released <em>October 1st, 2010</em>, 2.1M;</span></li>
+ <li>ols-0.8.4 [<a href="">tar.gz</a>] <span>released <em>September 9th 2010</em>, 1.5M;</span></li>
+ <li>ols-0.8.3 [<a href="">tar.gz</a>] <span>released <em>August 26th 2010</em>, 1.5M;</span></li>
<li>ols-0.8.2 [<a href="">tar.gz</a>] <span>released <em>August 22nd 2010</em>, 1.5M;</span></li>
<li>ols-0.8.1 [<a href="">tar.gz</a>] <span>released <em>August 07th 2010</em>, 1.4M;</span></li>
<li>ols-0.8.0 [<a href="">tar.gz</a>] <span>released <em>August 24th 2010</em>, 1.4M;</span></li>

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