Color scheme doesn't match the LogicSniffer provided harness #118

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jharvey commented Oct 10, 2012

I have just tried 0.9.6. It would be handy if the orange trace was the orange wire. I see rainbow and original SUMP color schemes, perhaps it would be easy to make one titled LogicSniffer. It appears you are working to include users specified colors, but for now a short term solution might be a pre-made color scheme. I tend to use black as GND. Mostly because my scope probe GND straps are black.

I got the Sept 9th copy from here


jawi commented Oct 11, 2012

Actually, anybody with a text editor can supply their own color schemes. Take a look at the ols.ui.colorscheme-*.cfg files, it is as easy as copy-and-paste and change a name. Anyway, on your request I've created one that matches my own harness, see this scheme in the current repository. Download it, and copy it to CLIENT_HOME\plugins, which should be sufficient to let the client pick it up...

jharvey commented Oct 14, 2012

It works great. Thanks. I saved the above link under ols-0.9.6\plugins, then opened the OLS client. Under Preferences I changed to the logic sniffer, and took a capture.


jawi commented Oct 14, 2012

Good to hear its working for you. The color scheme will also be available in the upcoming release...

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