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Show device firmware version #84

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Make it possible to show the firmware version of a connected device (if supported) and possibly other information. This could also be used to detect the device type automatically.

(requested by Don Kelley)

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Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
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@jawi jawi referenced this issue from a commit
@jawi Rewrote the 'auto detect device' to a 'show device firmware' function…

to "force" the user to select a proper device type. If the "show metadata"
button finds metadata for another device, it will assist the user by selecting
that device instead. This way, issue #84 is still met, but in a slightly
alternative way.
Also, finally, found the possible loophole in which it was possible that no
device profile was set in the device configuration. This was due to the code
reading the device metadata twice, which is redundant. Either the device type
is selected in the UI, or by the 'show device metadata' button. After that,
it is the 'truth' wrt the remainder of the code.
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