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@jawi jawi Updated OLS data file format (markdown) eb41d5f
@jawi jawi Updated Java versions the client runs on. efde7a8
@jawi jawi Updated FAQ (mediawiki) 590dec3
@jawi jawi Updated OLS data file format (markdown) 0ed375b
@jawi jawi Added some clarifying(?) examples on the interpretation of sample values and how to convert sample numbers to absolute/relative time values. 013b132
@jawi jawi Updated FAQ (mediawiki) 36ff16a
@jawi jawi Added entry about Gatekeeper on OSX 10.8. 4848eeb
@jawi jawi Added some clarifying comments and examples. 2d637d5
@jawi jawi Updated FAQ (mediawiki) 49f509d
@jawi jawi converted to markdown format and updated to the upcoming version(s). e5fcbef
@jawi jawi Updated Home (mediawiki) 1bbf174
@jawi jawi Updated Home (mediawiki) 87bca78
@jawi jawi Initial version, should work in most scenario's. bf3775e
@jawi jawi Updated Using the client with mouse and keyboard (markdown) 064e5ab
@jawi jawi Initial version. af2c98e
@jawi jawi Updated FAQ (mediawiki) 23a2a0d
@jawi jawi Converted to markdown syntax to have better control of code blocks. 093c283
@jawi jawi Updated Extending the client (mediawiki) fe6a83a
@jawi jawi Updated to upcoming 0.9.5 release. 8154fc2
@jawi jawi Updated FAQ (mediawiki) 44b12c1
@jawi jawi Updated FAQ (mediawiki) 09b7b03
@jawi jawi Updated FAQ (mediawiki) 0c11de3
@jawi jawi Updated FAQ (mediawiki) ce7705c
@jawi jawi Updated FAQ (mediawiki) c887832
@jawi jawi Added link to project file format. 87c8403
@jawi jawi Updated OLS project file format (mediawiki) f2dde5e
@jawi jawi Updated OLS project file format (mediawiki) 2a245dc
@jawi jawi Updated OLS project file format (mediawiki) 8acd037
@jawi jawi Initial version. c7a0cd8
@jawi jawi Corrected statements on how the sample value & timestamp are represented. Thanks to Ansgar Kueckes for mentioning this to me. d3d61e5
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