Projects from Udacity's Self-Driving Car Nanodegree
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Udacity Car Nanodegree Projects

Here are all the projects I completed as part of Udacity's Self-Driving Car Nanodegree. Each project has a README that describes the project, usually with GIFs or links to videos of the end result.


An animated GIF of Carla driving itself around Udacity's test track.

Capstone Project: Use ROS and write code that will run on Udacity's physical Carla test car. This was a group project and I owned the red light detection end-to-end, building a TF classifier using the TF Object Detection API and training a ResNet on sample traffic light datasets.

An animation of vehicle tracking on a California highway

Vehicle Detection: Given an input video, annotate and track car locations in each frame. I wanted a smooth solution, so I cached locations between keyframes and used optical-flow to move bounding boxes so the entire frame search only had to be explored every 15 frames or so. This allows the algorithm to run in realtime.

Path planning project, an animation of a vehicle passing slower vehicles on the highway.

Path Planning: Plan paths for a vehicle on the highway to pass other vehicles, optimizing for speed while requiring jerk/braking/acceleration limitations.

Animation of lane area being annotated on a highway

Advanced Lane Lines: Annotate lane driving area on a highway in a video feed. This required calibrating the camera to remove lens distortion, transforming the perspective to a top-down view, and creating a polynomial fit across lane lines.

Animation of a car on a rough track trying to navigate

Behavioral Cloning: Record footage of driving on a video game track with steering angles annotated, then use that to train car to drive itself on that track. Like the GTA V stuff on Twitch.

Animation of a car on a video game track following planned path points

MPC Project: Drive a car using simulated Drive-By-Wire with latency, using cost functions to prevent overcorrecting at high speeds.

Animation of Kalman Filter being used to localize a car on a path

Extended Kalman Filter Project