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The Jaxen XPath Engine for Java

Jaxen is an open source XPath library written in Java. It is adaptable to many different object models, including DOM, XOM, dom4j, and JDOM. It is also possible to write adapters that treat non-XML trees such as compiled Java byte code or Java beans as XML, thus enabling you to query these trees with XPath too.

The current version is 1.2.0. This release requires Java 1.4 or later. If you're still using Java 1.3 or earlier, try Jaxen 1.1.6.

Adding Jaxen to your build

Jaxen's Maven group ID is jaxen and its artifact ID is jaxen. To add a dependency on jaxen using Maven, add this dependency element to your pom.xml:


To add a dependency using Gradle:

dependencies {
  compile 'jaxen:jaxen:1.2.0'

Jaxen was one of the earliest adopters of Maven, before a lot of practices had gelled. Consequently there are cycles in its dependency tree. Cleaning this up will be a major focus of Jaxen 2.0.