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Simple framework for creating JPA queries by Example
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pom.xml make better use of metamodelUtil, integration test has still an error

Query By Example for JPA 2

This API allows you to construct Query By Example using the JPA 2 Criteria API.

Note that the API does not depend on spring framework. Only the integration tests do. However, the API has a small dependency on Hibernate 4.

The source is the doc. The best way to understand how it works is to study our integration tests. Just import the project into your favorite IDE and run the tests... It should work out of the box. It uses an embedded H2 database.

Here is the SQL file: create.sql

Here are the entities and the QBE entry point

Here is the associated integration tests: AccountQueryByExampleIT

Please send us your feedbacks or fork!

Provided by the Jaxio/SpringFuse team

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