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Esper made easy. Not just esper, probably a lot more good stuff will go in here.

It's simple. Fairy is a command line utility that does a bunch of useful things, called Spells. 
Here's the general usage pattern :

fairy <spell> <args..>

Fairy is written in Java. So when you build it you will get a jar file and you may need to 
set up an alias for fairy="java -jar fairy.jar"

For more info, visit

In this second incarnation of a command line tool framework, I try to put a little more
magic in making Spell-building a lot easier and also try to structure the code to make
individual functionality as re-usable as possible, for instance, I really would like to
run Esper not just from command line, but inside Hadoop as well or even in the context
of a servlet. A lot of refactoring is going on while I try to make sense out of the
various abstractions.

To build :

1. Get and install latest Apache Maven ( version 2+ )
2. Setup maven to point to at least these repositories in the <repositories> section
   in your ~/.m2/settings.xml


3. mvn clean install