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A Dust.js/Node.js webapp that demonstrates sample usages of the ESPN API.
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ESPN API Sample (Dust.js/Node.js)


Install node.js to run Node. Install foreman to run this Procfile-based project.

$ git clone
$ cd api-samples-js-dust-node
$ npm install
$ foreman start


Use node-inspector

$ gem install node-inspector
... start node with --debug switch ...
$ node-inspector &
... open localhost:8080 ...

Running on Heroku

Assumes your local environment is already:

$ git clone
$ cd api-samples-js-dust-node
$ heroku create --stack cedar
$ git push heroku master
... wait for it to push and launch ...
$ heroku ps:scale web=1
$ heroku config:add NODE_ENV=production
$ heroku config:add espn_api_key=[your app key from]
... wait for it to add the config vars and restart ...
$ heroku open

Light Reading


Heavily based on Lilac

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