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A self-hosted file sharing service built with ASP.NET Core and Angular.
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A self-hosted file sharing service built with ASP.NET Core and Angular.

Demo Site:

Build Status

Build Requirements

  • .NET Core 3 Preview 6 SDK
  • Node.js (latest)

Hosting Requirements

Getting Started

On first load, you will can upload and download files anonymously. The links are public (though not searchable), and the file descriptions are saved in localStorage (but not the file itself). Once you create an account, files that are in your browser's localStorage will be transferred to your account.

Create your own account via the Register link on the site's nav bar. Afterward, if you want to disable self-registration (so random people can't create accounts), set the AllowSelfRegistration option in appsettings.json to false.

Set the DataRetentionInDays option in appsettings.json to a number that suits you. Set to 0 to retain files indefinitely.

Upload files via the button or drag-and-drop.

Download and View links will only work while signed in to your account. To share files, create an authentication token on the Auth Tokens page. On the main page, choose the authentication token you created, and Share links will appear. Clicking them will copy the link to your clipboard, and the link will use the selected auth token.

You can also create authentication tokens for use by other apps (e.g. to add file sharing into an existing chat app).

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