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A demonstration of login web app using MEAN stack and Travis CI for continuous integration
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MEAN Responsive Login Web App

Build Status

A demonstration of a web app built by mean stack (MongoDB ExpressJS Angular4 NodeJS).

Login web app link

Demo Video:

Login Web App Demo

Architecture Flow:

Sign in

Sign up


This web app is used as a example to show how a login web app can be build using MEAN stack. User can sign up a new account and the account data will be stored in database hosted online. Then users can log in the web app using the account they just signed up.


  • 1. Build Responsive Angular4 login frontend
  • 2. Add REST service components
  • 3. Host Mongo database on Atlas and connect it to Nodejs Server
  • 4. Deploy NodeJS server to Heroku
  • 5. Deploy Angular web app to Firebase
  • 6. Continuous Integration using Travis CI
  • 7. Implement password hashing to server
  • 8. Unit tests on Angular frontend using Karma-Jasmine
  • 9. Unit tests on Nodejs server using Mocha, Chai and Sinon
  • 10. Integration Test using Protractor

Main Frameworks, Dependencies and Dev Tools:

  • Frontend: Angular4 in Typescript, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap and Fontawesome
  • Server: NodeJS, ExpressJs and Mongoose
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Deployment: Firebase, Heroku, Atlas, Travis CI
  • Dev Tools: Aangular-CLI, Express-generator, Postman, Nodemon, Google Chrome Toolbar

Responsive Frontend:

On Desktop

On Mobile Screen

More details will be updated as the project progresses

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