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Arduino project that transform a regular longboard to a electrical longboard.
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Electrical Longboard (In Progress)

An arduino based project that transforms a regular longboard into a electrical longboard. This project involves using two arduino mini, two HC50 Bluetooth Sets, one ESC and one BLDC motor. One arduino mini works as a master that controls the slave arduino

Demo Video:

Architecture Flow:


  1. Master file goes into the master arduino (controller)
  2. Slave file goes into the slave arduino (longboard)


  • 1. Configure design details
  • 2. Implementing the Longboard (CADing, Machining, Prototyping)
  • 3. Connect bluetooth modules
  • 4. Set up remote controller (master arduino)
  • 5. Set up longboard (slave arduino)
  • 6. Test longboard
  • 7. Fix bugs and improve design

Dev Tools and core Electrical components:

  • Arduino Mini and HC50 Bluetooth Set
  • ESC and BLDC


The mechanical and electrical work is done by Josh Lee and Steven Kim

More details will be updated as the project progresses

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