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Sets Chrome OS wallpaper background to useful device info.
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Chrome OS Wallpaper Info

Sets Chrome OS wallpaper background to useful device info.

Try it now

Quick Start

Install the extension from above. Your background wallpaper should be updated within a minute to a blue gradient with system information at the top right.

Current System Details

At the moment, the extension can display:

  • Chrome OS version numbers
  • CPU model, number of logical cores and temperature.
  • Memory total and unused in gb.
  • Storage total and free in gb.
  • Logged in user email.
  • Current system IP addresses
  • User login time
  • last wallpaper refresh time
  • [Managed devices only] Device Serial Number
  • [Managed devices only] Device location as set by admin.
  • [Managed devices only] Device Asset ID as set by admin.

Customize appearance

Options for the extension can be set by clicking the extension icon and options.

Admin customization

G Suite admins with Chrome Enterprise managed devices can force install the extension for their users. In order for the extension to work, you must not set a wallpaper from the admin console.

  1. Manually install the extension in your user profile.
  2. Customize the extension options as you'd prefer.
  3. Once you're happy with your options, click "Download policy" and save the file locally.
  4. Force install the extension for your users.
  5. Set policy for the app by uploading the file you downloaded above.

Known Issues

  • If you use Chrome Sync and log into 2 or more devices, Chrome Sync may sync the wallpaper generated by one device onto the other device. Workaround is to go to chrome://settings/syncSetup, disable "Sync Everything" and then disable "Themes & Wallpapers" so that wallpaper does not sync across your devices.
  • For devices with multiple monitors, the primary monitor should display the wallpaper properly but wallpaper may be stretched or cropped on secondary monitors.
  • When using images for background, the web server must be CORS-enabled and allow image use. Try hosting on

Sample Screenshot

Here's an example of a wallpaper you can set. Screenshot of wallpaper with system info

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