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CodeIgniter Library to connect Google Analytics API.
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CodeIgniter Library to connect Google Analytics API.


  1. Copy config/ga_api.php file to the config folder of your application.
  2. Copy GoogleAnalytics.php file and google-api-php-client folder to the library folder of your application.


  1. Load the config file to your controller $this->config->load('ga_api');
  2. Load the library & config values
$ga_params = array(
          'applicationName' => $this->config->item('ga_api_applicationName'),
           'clientID' => $this->config->item('ga_api_clientId'),
          'clientSecret' => $this->config->item('ga_api_clientSecret'),
          'redirectUri' => $this->config->item('ga_api_redirectUri'),
           'developerKey' => $this->config->item('ga_api_developerKey'),
           'profileID' => $this->config->item('ga_api_profileId')
 $this->load->library('GoogleAnalytics', $ga_params);

Get Total Values

  • $this->googleanalytics->get_total('users') returns total number of users visited to your page.
  • $this->googleanalytics->get_total({metric}) {metric} = users, newUsers, percentNewSessions, sessionsPerUser.

Get Dimensional Values

  • $this->googleanalytics->get_dimensions('browser','users') returns array of number of users visited to your page with browsers.
  • $this->googleanalytics->get_dimensions({dimension},{matric}) {metric} = users, newUsers, percentNewSessions, sessionsPerUser. {dimension} = browser, browserVersion, operatingSystem, operatingSystemVersion, mobileDeviceBranding, mobileDeviceModel, mobileInputSelector, mobileDeviceInfo, mobileDeviceMarketingName, deviceCategory.

Dimensions & Metrics Reference


$this->googleanalytics->logout(); Destroys the session.

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