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Jayant Hegde Kageri

This repository contains the Source Code of the Website

Environment Variables

To run this website, you will need to add the following environment variables to your .env file or your environment variables

  • NEXT_PUBLIC_HCAPTCHA_SITE_KEY optional - hCaptcha Site Key

  • HCAPTCHA_SECRET optional - hCaptcha Secret for verifying the response

  • NEXT_PUBLIC_GOOGLE_TAG_MANAGER_ID optional - Google Tag Manager Tracking ID

  • Enviorment variables for notifing contact request from Telegram Bot:

    • BOT_TOKEN required - Telegram Bot token obtained in @BotFather
    • CHAT_ID required - Telegram Chat ID to send the contact requests
  • Environemt variables for notifing contact request from e-Mail:

    • EMAIL_SMTP required - SMTP Server to send the e-Mail
    • EMAIL_ID required - Email ID which from which the contact requests will be notified
    • EMAIL_PASSWORD required - Password for the above Email ID
    • EMAIL_SEND_TO required - Email ID to send the contact requests
    • EMAIL_SECURE optional - Whether to use TLS or not (defaults to false)

Tech Stack

Client: NextJS, TailwindCSS, React Hot Toast

Server: NextJS, request-ip, nodemailer


GNU AGPL-3.0-or-later