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Unfollowing scripts for twitter
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Twitter Unfollowing Scripts

This is a simple tool to mostly unfollow everyone when you need to reduce your twitter usage or the noise.

It's not guaranteed to work beyond "hey, it worked for me". That said feel free to file issues or submit PRs.


This has only been tested on ubuntu 16.04. Provided your distro has apt and the ruby package exists and installs gem, this should all still work for you.

This is really just a wrapper around the fantastic command line twitter tool, t. I've tried to make getting going with that simple:

make setup

This will install gem, use gem to install t, and then run the authorize command for t. Follow the instructions in the terminal and you should be all set.

To backup your followers, run

make backup

This will create a list of your followers in data/followers.txt, and create a twitter list named backup and copy all of your followers to that.

To unfollow everyone you can run

make unfollow

This unfollows everyone. Note that it will automatically run the backup first.

If there are usernames you don't want to unfollow, you can create a file data/keepers.txt. Put the usernames you want to keep, one per newline, in that file, and make unfollow won't unfollow them.

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