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@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ Go rules for Bazel_
.. _Travis configuration file: .travis.yml
.. _rules_go and Gazelle roadmap: roadmap.rst
.. _Deprecation schedule: deprecation.rst
.. _Avoiding conflicts: proto/core.rst#avoiding-conflicts
.. ;; And now we continue with the actual content
@@ -525,4 +526,7 @@ How do I get information about the Go SDK used by rules_go?
You can run: ``bazel build @io_bazel_rules_go//:go_info`` which outputs
``go_info_report`` with information like the used Golang version.
How do I avoid conflicts with protocol buffers?
See `Avoiding conflicts`_ in the proto documentation.
@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ Go Protocol buffers
.. _Bourne shell tokenization:
.. _gogoprotobuf:
.. _compiler.bzl: compiler.bzl
.. _bazelbuild/bazel#3867:
.. role:: param(kbd)
.. role:: type(emphasis)
@@ -56,6 +57,99 @@ The ``go_proto_library`` rule produces the normal set of `Go providers`_. This
makes it compatible with other Go rules for use in ``deps`` and ``embed``
Avoiding conflicts
When linking programs that depend on protos, care must be taken to ensure that
the same proto isn't registered by more than one package. This may happen if
you depend on a ``go_proto_library`` and a vendored ``go_library`` generated
from the same .proto files. You may see compile-time, link-time, or run-time
errors as a result of this.
There are two main ways to avoid conflicts.
Option 1: Use go_proto_library exclusively
You can avoid proto conflicts by using ``go_proto_library`` to generate code
at build time and avoiding ``go_library`` rules based on pre-generated .pb.go
Gazelle generates rules in this mode by default. When .proto files are present,
it will generate ``go_proto_library`` rules and ``go_library`` rules that embed
them (which are safe to use). Gazelle will automatically exclude .pb.go files
that correspond to .proto files. If you have .proto files belonging to multiple
packages in the same directory, add the following directives to your
root build file:
.. code:: bzl
# gazelle:proto package
# gazelle:proto_group go_package
rules_go provides ``go_proto_library`` rules for commonly used proto libraries.
The Well Known Types can be found in the ``@io_bazel_rules_go//proto/wkt``
package. There are implicit dependencies of ``go_proto_library`` rules
that use the default compiler, so they don't need to be written
explicitly in ``deps``. You can also find rules for Google APIs and gRPC in
``@go_googleapis//``. You can list these rules with the commands:
.. code:: bash
$ bazel query 'kind(go_proto_library, @io_bazel_rules_go//proto/wkt:all)'
$ bazel query 'kind(go_proto_library, @go_googleapis//...)'
Some commonly used Go libraries, such as ````,
depend on the Well Known Types. In order to avoid conflicts when using these
libraries, separate versions of these libraries are provided with
``go_proto_library`` dependencies. Gazelle resolves imports of these libraries
automatically. For example, it will resolve ``ptypes`` as
Option 2: Use pre-generated .pb.go files
You can also avoid conflicts by generating .pb.go files ahead of time and using
those exclusively instead of using ``go_proto_library``. This may be a better
option for established Go projects that also need to build with ``go build``.
Gazelle can generate rules for projects built in this mode. Add the following
comment to your root build file:
.. code:: bzl
# gazelle:proto disable_global
This prevents Gazelle from generating ``go_proto_library`` rules. .pb.go files
won't be excluded, and all special cases for imports (such as ``ptypes``) are
If you have ``go_repository`` rules in your ``WORKSPACE`` file that may
have protos, you'll also need to add
``build_file_proto_mode = "disable_global"`` to those as well.
.. code:: bzl
name = "com_example_some_project",
importpath = "",
tag = "v0.1.2",
build_file_proto_mode = "disable_global",
A note on vendored .proto files
Bazel can only handle imports in .proto files that are relative to a repository
root directory. This means, for example, if you import ``"foo/bar/baz.proto"``,
that file must be in the directory ``foo/bar``, not
If you have proto files that don't conform to this convention, follow the
instructions for using pre-generated .pb.go files above.
The Bazel tracking issue for supporting this is `bazelbuild/bazel#3867`_.

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