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# Copyright Jay Conrod. All rights reserved.
# This file is part of rules_go_simple. Use of this source code is governed by
# the 3-clause BSD license that can be found in the LICENSE.txt file.
def _go_download_impl(ctx):
# Download the Go distribution.
sha256 = ctx.attr.sha256,
stripPrefix = "go",
# Add a build file to the repository root directory.
# We need to fill in some template parameters, based on the platform.
ctx.report_progress("generating build file")
if ctx.attr.goos == "darwin":
os_constraint = "@platforms//os:osx"
elif ctx.attr.goos == "linux":
os_constraint = "@platforms//os:linux"
elif ctx.attr.goos == "windows":
os_constraint = "@platforms//os:windows"
fail("unsupported goos: " + ctx.attr.goos)
if ctx.attr.goarch == "amd64":
arch_constraint = "@platforms//cpu:x86_64"
fail("unsupported arch: " + ctx.attr.goarch)
constraints = [os_constraint, arch_constraint]
constraint_str = ",\n ".join(['"%s"' % c for c in constraints])
substitutions = {
"{goos}": ctx.attr.goos,
"{goarch}": ctx.attr.goarch,
"{exe}": ".exe" if ctx.attr.goos == "windows" else "",
"{exec_constraints}": constraint_str,
"{target_constraints}": constraint_str,
substitutions = substitutions,
go_download = repository_rule(
implementation = _go_download_impl,
attrs = {
"urls": attr.string_list(
mandatory = True,
doc = "List of mirror URLs where a Go distribution archive can be downloaded",
"sha256": attr.string(
mandatory = True,
doc = "Expected SHA-256 sum of the downloaded archive",
"goos": attr.string(
mandatory = True,
values = ["darwin", "linux", "windows"],
doc = "Host operating system for the Go distribution",
"goarch": attr.string(
mandatory = True,
values = ["amd64"],
doc = "Host architecture for the Go distribution",
"_build_tpl": attr.label(
default = "@rules_go_simple//v5/internal:BUILD.dist.bazel.tpl",
doc = "Downloads a standard Go distribution and installs a build file",
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