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JayStack receives massive investment to boost #JayData product development and offer more premium services!
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example/requirejs Add header-footer module resolvers to bundles, require.js example
external fix odata provider browserify build, storage provider loader,acorn im…
oldEndpoint fix build script, change output build structure
release NodeJS build and ODataProvider standalone build
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jaydata.d.ts TypeScript 0.9.5 support
jaydata.sln move old mvc website to oldEndpoint folder
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package.json MERGE
packages.config Update to WebApi 4.0.0
test.html Fix model binder global Container reference, fix Knockout unit tests …


Update October 13, 2015 - JayStack receives massive investment to boost JayData product development and offer more premium services!

JayData is a unified data access library for JavaScript to CRUD data from different sources like WebSQL/SQLite, IndexedDB, MongoDb, ASP.NET WebAPI, OData, HTML5 localStorage, Facebook or YQL. The library can be integrated with KendoUI, Knockout.js, Handlebars.js or Sencha Touch 2 and can be used on Node.js as well.

JayData not only provides JavaScript Language Query (JSLQ) syntax to access local (in-browser and mobile) and remote databases, but builds the queries and executes/processes the requests of the essential data sources and data services to make developers able to concentrate only on the business logic.

Microsoft .NET developers can utilize Entity Framework and LINQ on server-side to perform operations on data from different databases. The aim of JayData library is to give a similar tool to JavaScript developers.

JayData is cross-platform (runs on HTML5 desktop and mobile browsers, can be hosted in PhoneGap environment on iPhone, iPad and Android) and cross-layer as it works on client-side and server-side (Node.JS).

Please read the release notes for current status of the providers.

Visit for detailed information and documentation.

As JayData covers many technologies and open new fields of development, we encourage you to contribute to the project with new providers or features. Check out the possible ways of contributions here:

JavaScript libraries released on CodePlex ( can be used to develop applications, to get the structured sourcecode to develop JayData itself, visit

Feed of Latest releases, tutorials: Feed of commits in development branch:

JayData comes with multiple licensing: you can use it under MIT license if ship software software under MIT, but it should be used under GPL if you distribute your software under GPLv2. JayData Pro is a closed-source commercial product recommended for enterprise projects and commercial development efforts.

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