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Hello all, the following code only reads an RSS feed from published Google docs using Javascript and Google's Feed API.
Google Feed API:
License: Feel free to change, share and use the source code in your applications.
@author: Jaydeep.
@date: Oct 2 2011.
<title>Google Docs as database in the Cloud.</title>
<!--include Google JS APIs-->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
This url is currently hosted by me on google docs.
If you want to use your own google docs as Database.
Create a spreadsheet database.
Publish it and then use the Rss url of it here.
var DatabaseRssUrl = "";
var COL_2 = 0;
var COL_3 = 1;
/*This is a Google Feeds API that actually reads the
data from the specified published spreadsheet*/
function getFeed()
var feed = new google.feeds.Feed(DatabaseRssUrl);
feed.includeHistoricalEntries(); // tell the API we want to have old entries too
feed.setNumEntries(200); //we want a maximum of 99 entries, if they exist
/*Does nothing big, but removes any white spaces in the
argument string.*/
function trimAllSpaces(sString)
while (sString.substring(0,1) == ' ')
sString = sString.substring(1, sString.length);
while (sString.substring(sString.length-1, sString.length) == ' ')
sString = sString.substring(0,sString.length-1);
return sString;
/*creates & returns a JSON object out of the string provided as argument.*/
function JSONify(ContentArray,OBJECT_INDEX){
var JSONString = '{' + '"' + trimAllSpaces(ContentArray[OBJECT_INDEX].split(":")[DESC_INDEX]) + '"' + ':';
JSONString += '"' + trimAllSpaces(ContentArray[OBJECT_INDEX].split(":")[VALUE_INDEX])+ '"' + '}';
return JSON.parse(JSONString);
function displayFeed(result)
var col1Data, col2Data, col3Data;
if (!result.error) {
var length=result.feed.entries.length;
var DBTable = document.getElementById('Database');
for (var i = 0; i < length; i++) {
var DataBaseRow = result.feed.entries[i];
// if(i==1)
// break;
ContentArray = DataBaseRow.content.split(",");
//convert the received string into JSON Object.
col2JSONObj = JSONify(ContentArray,COL_2);
col3JSONObj = JSONify(ContentArray,1);
// data from each cell is received here.
col1Data = DataBaseRow.title;
col2Data = col2JSONObj.col2;
col3Data = col3JSONObj.col3;
At this point the database has been read. You can uncomment the following lines to watch the
output in the Chrome Dev. Tools or Firebug console.
// console.log('col1Data ' + col1Data);
// console.log('col2Data ' + col2Data);
// console.log('col3Data ' + col3Data);
//Some HTML programming in Javasctipt. Many JS programmers might be familier with this.
var row = document.createElement('tr'); //creates <tr> tag
var cell1 = document.createElement('td'); //creates <td> tag
var cell2 = document.createElement('td'); //creates <td> tag
var cell3 = document.createElement('td'); //creates <td> tag
// add the data to the TABLE tag in HTML below to display it on the web page.
<body id="Body">
<Table id="Database" border="1" style="margin:5px;" cellpadding="5px">
//Used to load the Google Feeds API.
google.load("feeds", "1");