Open Exchange Rates API - free / open source hourly-updated currency data for everybody
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Open Source Exchange Rates API

A free, hourly-updating, nodeJS- and GitHub-powered API that provides exchange rates for 120+ currencies relative to USD.

Every hour, Currency Bot queries a currency conversion provider (the Yahoo! Finance public API) collecting all the conversion rates for all currencies one-by-one, then saving them into a formatted API JSON file and pushing it to GitHub for everyone to use as an open-source API.

You can use this data to perform JavaScript currency conversion on the client-side (eg. for a web-app or online store - try money.js) or for back-end processing (eg. databases, analytics, whatever).

It's mirrored on with friendly Access-Control HTTP headers, so that you can load it in via AJAX with a cross-domain request without worrying about browser security restrictions.

Daily exchange rates are also available historically - all the way back to 1999! The files are saved in the format: historical/[yyyy-mm-dd].json

To get the data, you just need to access the 'raw' data file, latest.json via AJAX, CURL, Scrapy, node-httpagent, or your method of choice. You can also access the historical files, now going back to 1999.


As with all exchange rate data, accuracy can never be guaranteed when you're not paying through the teeth for the service - and when money changes currencies, everyone takes a cut (not to be trusted!) - so it's a good idea to inform people that these are for informational purposes only, something like "Converted prices/exchange rates are for informational purposes only." Feel free to say that rates come form the Open Source Exchange Rates API.

Homepage and documentation:

Check out for all the info.

Originally designed for use with money.js, a tiny (1kb) JavaScript currency conversion library, for client-side and server-side use.

Changelog and updates


  • Restarting data collection! [currencybot]
  • proxy now supports JSONP requests - add a callback parameter to the URL, or use jQuery.ajax with dataType: 'jsonp'. Also, files are downloaded, cached and served statically every 15 minutes, which should mean response times are much faster. [josscrowcroft]


  • Merged in almost 400,000 lines of historical data back to 1999 from [canbuffi], plus changes to crawler to collect data from Yahoo! Finance. [josscrowcroft]


  • Rewrote the scraper to use a different provider without the TOS grey-area, until we know that Google won't sue for (ab)using their Calculator API in this way. Also, the data doesn't require parsing like before. [josscrowcroft]


  • Restarting the crawl! [currencybot]
  • Pushed a fix for the broken crawler. That issue kinda invalidates most of the commits up till now, but there you go. [josscrowcroft]


  • Coming out of alpha testing, commencing scrapy-scrape! [currencybot]