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Device agnostic styles, components and hooks for Next.js.
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Device Agnostic UI

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Device agnostic styles, components and hooks for One design for any viewport (size, orientation, resolution), input method (touch, mouse) or network speed. Simple to build, test and use.

  • 📦 Tiny bundle size. < 7 KB with tree shaking, Size Limit tested.
  • 📱 Mobile first. Intuitive layouts suitable for any screen size, without media queries.
  • ⌨️ Keyboard ok. Interactive components have clearly discernable :focus styles.
  • 🚨 Native UI. Lightweight, pretty and accessible form field validation messages.
  • 🌗 Dark mode. The color scheme adapts to the operating system’s light or dark mode.
  • 🎨 CSS variables. Easily tweak the theme globally or in your components.
  • 🌏 Few global styles. No intrusive normalization or resets; just the :root essentials.
  • 🖌 Style raw HTML. Special <Html> component to style rendered markdown.
  • 🧠 Semantic markup. Lean use of semantically appropriate HTML elements.
  • ⚛️ Modern React. Elegant use of React hooks, refs and fragments makes for a great DX.


To install from npm run:

npm install device-agnostic-ui

Then setup the essential global styles.



Browserslist: Node >= 8.10, > 0.5%, not OperaMini all, not IE > 0, not dead.

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