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GraphQL execution and error handling middleware written from scratch for Koa.


To install graphql-api-koa and its graphql peer dependency with npm, run:

npm install graphql-api-koa graphql

Setup the Koa middleware in this order:

  1. errorHandler, to catch errors from following middleware for a correctly formatted GraphQL response.
  2. A GraphQL multipart request processor like graphqlUploadKoa from graphql-upload, to support file uploads (optional).
  3. A request body parser like koa-bodyparser.
  4. execute, to execute GraphQL.

See the execute middleware examples to get started.


Supported runtime environments:

  • Node.js versions ^14.17.0 || ^16.0.0 || >= 18.0.0.

Projects must configure TypeScript to use types from the ECMAScript modules that have a // @ts-check comment:


The npm package graphql-api-koa features optimal JavaScript module design. It doesn’t have a main index module, so use deep imports from the ECMAScript modules that are exported via the package.json field exports: