D bindings to the libtcod library.
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libtcod-d 1.5.1-2

libtcod-d is a set of bindings for using the excellent libtcod in the D programming language.

The DLL (libtcod.so on Linux, libtcod.dll on Windows) is dynamically loaded on start up, not linked at compile time.

It searches for libtcod_debug.so, and if it can't find that, then libtcod.so on the executable's path (or dlls if on Windows). The current release build of libtcod.so 1.5.1 is lacking the functions TCOD_mouse_includes_touch and TCOD_sys_get_sdl_window, and will fail on attempting to load those functions.

ATTENTION: the x86_64 version of the library doesnt't work with DMD; the sample application crashes immediately as some function calls simply don't work - the parameters are totally garbled. Please use LDC to compile applications on x86_64 platforms.

To try the samples, run dub run -c samples_d on 32bit platforms or dub run --compiler ldc2 -c samples_d on 64bit platforms.

The bindings are a strict port of the C API, so refer to libtcod documentation for more details. If I can get motivated, an object wrapper that would be similar to the C++ API may be forthcoming, so watch this space.

For comments and complaints, use the issue system on GitHub.