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use docker to create letsencrypt certs with and transip REST API
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how to create wild card certificates with docker and transip

start docker, to get any idea how: docker docs

clone this repo:

git clone
cd transipdocker

then start with:

docker-composer up -d

and then run commands like:

setup transip api

docker exec -it transipdocker_acme.sh_1 tipctl setup

issue a certificate

docker exec transipdocker_acme.sh_1 \
  --issue -d -d '*' \
  --dns dns_transip --dnssleep 300

install certificate into certs folder:

docker exec transipdocker_acme.sh_1 \
  --install-cert \
  --fullchain-file /etc/ssl/private/fullchain.pem \
  --key-file /etc/ssl/private/privkey.pem

now you can use it somewhere else, like an nginx container.

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