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Kactoos API
Mantainer: Jaydson Gomes <>

Kactoos API is a simple PHP classes abstracion to consume Kactoos API.
The Kactoos public API provide simple methods to get information about the products and stuff.
This information is delivered as XML or JSON format.
This abstraction consists in encapsulate this methods to help developers to create fun applications with PHP.
You just need to include kactoos-api.php in your project, and start to use available methods.

  • This is beta and under construction,so… use with your own risk ;)

This project is open sourced under the MIT license
and can be used and modified by anyone.

The requirements are:

Third Party code used:

  • none for a while

Up & Running in a few steps

  • To use Kactoos you just need to include kactoos-api in your App and config a little things:
    $kapi = new KactoosAPI();

Obviously, you need to get an Kactoos api, but is simple:
Assuming that you created with success your Kactoos API, its easy start to use. Just look at sample code above ;)

  • Example
    How can i get information about kactoos products categories ?
    $categories = $kapi→getProductCategories(‘categorie-name’,‘droid’);
    Pretty easy hum?
    In this example, we searching in Kactoos plataform an Category that the name is like ‘droid’… Well, i want to get some cellphone with Android ;)

[ Soon as possible i’ll create more and more examples ]

How can you help?

  • Creating fun applications with Kactoos API
  • Testing and sending Tickets!
  • Resolving existing tickets!
  • Spreading the world about the project!

How can I get Help?