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A reverseHTTP server written using Node.JS and Socket.IO
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ReverseHTTP is a cool thing I saw Tony Garnock-Jones demo to me a little while back. Tony showed how you can turn a browser into a web server, by connecting it to an online bridge, which for him was a RabbitMQ instance.

His demo is offline now, but the project site is still up at:

I have reimplemented the concept using Node.JS and Socket.IO. Here's the flow:

- socket server (running Node.JS and Socket.IO) sits waiting for connections
- a web browser connects to the socket server via a simple webpage (using the Socket.IO client). Let's call this the socket client
- another web browser makes a HTTP GET to a HTML server (the same Node.JS listening on a different port)
- the HTML server sends the request on to the socket client
- the response to the HTTP GET is determined by whatever the socket client responds with

In other words, the bits sitting in the cloud become dumb brokers and the "app" is entirely running inside the socket client i.e. a webpage.

Neat, huh?



> node reverseHTTPServer.js


- Socket.IO -
- Socket.IO's client library -
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