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As a competitive StarCraft 2 player (a mechanically very demanding game), I was frustrated with how inefficient navigating around while designing was. I don't expect many people to find this useful, but I made it because:

  1. I wanted to use it for myself (this is a direct port from SC2, but with non-conflicting hotkeys)
  2. I wanted to learn how to create Sketch plugins


  • Sketch 3.8+ to use "Follow Camera on Selection", but 3.0+ for the rest


From a release (best)

  • Download the latest release of the plugin
  • Un-zip
  • Double-click on sketch-camera-hotkeys.sketchplugin

From the source

  • Clone the repo git clone
  • Install dependencies npm install
  • Build npm run build
  • Double-click on sketch-camera-hotkeys.sketchplugin

Customizing Shortcuts and Maintaining the Project

Clone and install the dependencies

git clone && npm install

You may need to run

npm install -g skpm && npm run postinstall

Modifying manifest.json

This is where all shortcuts are defined. Because of the sheer amount of Create / Jump To Camera Location scripts, you can run the below to generate manifest.json. Make sure to modify generate-manifest.js instead of src/manifest.json, as the below script will overwrite src/manifest.json.

node generate-manifest

Modifying Create / Jump To Camera Location

src/CreateCamera.js and src/JumpToCamera.js are "templates", with src/camera/*.js generated by running

node generate-camera-files



Watching and Building

To watch and compile on changes, run the below. Note that you may need to manually save changes to src/manifest.json after generating it to make sure it is picked up and updated in the compiled Sketch plugin.

npm run watch

To build, run

npm run build

You can find additional documentation at the skpm repository or the Sketch Developer Guides.


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