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Version 1.6

Cakifo version 1.6 was released on XX, 2013.

Full changelog:

Changes include:

  • Updated: Hybrid Core 1.6 (changelog)
  • Updated: Colorbox updated to version XXX

  • New: Choose custom fonts from the theme customizer
  • New: Choose custom colors from the theme customizer
  • New: Chosen.js added to the settings page to make the 'Featured Category' and 'Headlines Terms' even better.
  • New: Support for custom taxonomies in the 'headlines' section on the front page
  • New: Support for reordering of the taxonomies in the 'headlines' section
  • New: Support for Jetpack Infinite Scroll
  • New: Added the viewport meta tag for better mobile experience

  • Tweak: Content files renamed from loop-{$format}.php to content-{$format}.php (has backward compatibility so child themes won't break)
  • Tweak: Post formats - many small changes - such as streamlining of the entry meta text)
  • Tweak: Better inline docs

  • Tweak: HTML5: Use core comment list markup
  • Tweak: HTML5: Use core comment form markup
  • Tweak: HTML5: Use core search form markup

  • Tweak: Use a white background in the footer
  • Tweak: Mobile version of the secondary navigation
  • Tweak: Don't use the mobile version of the navigations in IE8
  • Tweak: Classes are used instead of IDs (the IDs are kept in most cases to keep compability with child themes but this will make it easier for them to overwrite parent theme styling)
  • Tweak: Blockquote styles updated (no more blue box) (the .pull class are removed - pull quote styling is added to aligned quotes)
  • Tweak: LESS: Better variable names and mixins.

  • Tweak: Related Posts widget: only store the post ID in the meta field
  • Tweak: Related Posts widget: use Get The Image to grab the thumbnail

  • Tweak: Slider: Only show on the front page template ([[cakifo_show_slider|Filters#cakifo_show_slider]] filter added)
  • Tweak: Slider: Don't auto play the slider
  • Tweak: Slider: Use smooth height if some slides are higher than others

  • Removal: Related Posts widget: cakifo_related_posts_list_item hooks (the list hooks are still there)
  • Removal: 'Twitter Username' option (5f5cb06d4)
  • Removal: All Cakifo shortcodes - some of them because their functionality is now in Hybrid Core, others because they never should have been added in the first place (like the share buttons no one used)
  • Removal: Tweet Button extension
  • Removal: <hgroup> as it's removed from the HTML5 spec
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