Installation and updating Cakifo

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The easiest and best way to install Cakifo is:

  • Navigate to Appearance > Install Themes and search for Cakifo and hit "Install Now"

Other methods to install the theme:

  • FTP upload: Using your FTP program, upload the non-zipped cakifo folder into the /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server

  • WordPress upload: Navigate to Appearance > Install Themes > Upload. Go to browse, and select the zipped cakifo folder. Hit "Install Now" and the theme will be uploaded and installed

Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate Cakifo theme.

Updating Cakifo

Cakifo is in the official WordPress themes directory which means you can update it directly from the dashboard, as you probably know from WordPress itself, plugins, and other themes.

You should see a update notification when an update is available.

If you have made changes directly to the theme, and not in a child theme, you will lose the changes! That's why you always should use a child theme.