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Jayj HTML5 template v3.0

A free HTML5 and CSS3 template by Jesper Johansen

You are free to use this template for any purpose - both private and commercial. You're allowed to remove the credit link in the footer, but please, please leave it there. It allows me continuing creating free themes and templates.

Other versions of the template

The template is available as both WordPress and Blogger themes as well


  • Uses HTML5 and CSS3
  • Uses the CSS preprocessor LESS
  • Awesome design with a hot pink color! (can easily be changed)
  • Fully working Ajax PHP contact form
  • Modernizr for enabling of HTML5 elements & feature detects
  • Uses the fonts [](Open Sans and Merriweather), both loaded from Google Fonts
  • Uses a 12-col grid system, known from Twitter Bootstrap
  • Friendly IE6 & IE7 warning; user is recommended to update or install Google Chrome Frame
  • Free to use! (: – It's released under New BSD License. The license is included in license.txt


MIT License. See