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Star Wars RPG made using jQuery, HTML, CSS/Bootstrap CSS
JavaScript HTML CSS
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Star-Wars Game


This game was based on Star Wars and made to familiarize myself with the Javacsript library jQuery and to strengthen my algorithmic knowledge.

Technologies Used

  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • HTML / Bootstrap CSS

Link to the live game

Game Directions

  1. User will select a character from the fighter select screen.
  2. User will select an Oppononent from the fighter select screen.
  3. User Fighter and Opponent Fighter will appear below character selection area.
  4. User can then 'Attack' Opponent Fighter with the Attack button
  5. Fight ensues until either Opponent or User runs out of Health Points.
  6. If Opponent loses all health, User can pick different Opponent until they have defeated 6 Opponents
  7. If the User loses all health, the game is over and will restart.


-Jason Scotto

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