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An Elixir package to copy and paste from system clipboard
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Copy and paste from system clipboard.

Sick of IO.puts(json) then manually selecting your terminal? Try Clipboard.copy(json)!

Wraps ports to system-specific utilities responsible for clipboard access. It uses the default clipboard utilities on macOS, Linux and Windows but can be configured to call any executable.


Clipboard.copy("Hello, World!") # Copied to clipboard

"Hello, World!"
|> Clipboard.copy() # Insert into pipelines
|> business_as_usual()

# And paste too!
greeting = Clipboard.paste()


Clipboard uses these utilities by default.

OS Utilities
macOS pbcopy & pbpaste
Linux xclip
Windows clip

However, you can instruct Clipboard to use another command by setting config.exs.

config :clipboard,
  unix: [
    copy: {"xsel", ["-i"]},
    paste: {"xsel", ["-o"]},

Supported operating systems are :macos, :unix and :windows.


Add clipboard to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
  [{:clipboard, ">= 0.0.0", only: [:dev]}]

Don’t forget to update your dependencies.

$ mix deps.get


Pasting on Windows doesn’t work out of the box because clip only supports copying.



Clipboard is released under MIT license.

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